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Facebook Photo Contest

A Million Points is a Lot!
Learn how you can earn them AND Free Animals through this Fabulous FaceBook Contest.
Details are Below!

The 1,000,000 Question Rules

Everyday we post picture questions from which you can guess what animal it could be. We take a beautiful picture and zoom in on one specific spot. It's your job to guess the animal but it must be scientific names only! I'll give you some examples below. If you are the first person to guess correctly you will be awarded with 1,000,000 points! At the end of the month we total the points and that person will receive a COMPLETELY FREE ANIMAL donated by one of our vendors! BUT WAIT...when will you post the question? You never know what time during the day we will post the check back often and GOOD LUCK!!! Once someone wins an animal for the month they are not allowed to win again for another full year. They may participate by answering but cannot win the daily questions. Visit our FB page HERE.

Example 1 Scientific Name

:Contest 1

Here you can see we have zoom in on an animal and Blake Klocke wrote Eryx johnii which was the correct answer. The common name is Indian sand boa but remember you must put scientific names.

Example 2 Awarded

Contest pic 2

Here you can see that we awarded Blake his points the very next day. Each day we post a question and the next day we announce who won. Blake won the contest in December winning FREE frogs from TCS Dart Frogs & $300 from Josh's Frogs.

Example 3 Edits & Scientific Names

Contest pic 3

We will not accept submissions that have been edited. Here you can see that Syco commented on a picture but his response has been edited. He may have gotten the answer correct but we don't know what he answered before. All answers are time stamped so edited answers will be thrown out for that picture question. Even if you misspell a scientific name, don't edit as we can usually tell if it is or isn't the correct answer.

Also you can see that many people did not put scientific names. SCIENTIFIC NAMES ONLY! Genus and species and sometimes we require subspecies. We want to teach you about these animals and many have multiple common names. Scientific names are more precise and you will learn something new :)

Example 4 Posting Unlimited Submissions

contest pic4

You may post as many answers as you would like but each answer must be in its own comment box. You may not copy and paste 100 answers into one comment box. As you can see from the above example Blake Klocke listed multiple species but each one in an individual comment. Again you may comment as many times as possible but ONLY 1 ANSWER PER COMMENT.